Monday, August 30, 2010

1 Week Transfer

So everyone another week has come and gone.
And what a week it has been. so to start out last monday night me and elder albertson went and we were teaching one of our investigators Dladla. As we were teaching our phone goes off and elder albertson leaves the room to answer it. When he came back we finished the lesson and then as we left he told me it was the district leaders who called and they said they were coming in a few hours to pick me up because we were going on a week long transfer. So we rushed back to our flat and I packed up enough stuff for the week and then it was time to go.
So this week I have been in an area called Potchefstroom. My companion for the week has been Elder Randrianandry (Rand for short) I have learned so much from him and we have had so many great spiritual experiences while teaching. It is so different from being with Elder Albertson. But its good though.
Then on Friday the Zone leaders came and we went on exchanges then too. So I went back to Carletonville for those exchanges but one saturday once I was done then I came back here to Potchefstroom.
The people at church were so confused yesterday when me and elder rand tried explaining what was going on. I dont blame them for being confused because it is a really confusing situation.
So basically that is all that has really happened this week. Nothing new and exciting to report sorry.I know that this is a dull letter. Im sorry. I will try my best to have more to write about next week.
But anyways I love all of you and I miss you all. I thank all of you for the letters you have sent and all the support. Remember god loves all of you and he is always there to help you in anyway he just have to ask.

Love you and miss you
-Elder Aaron Giles Lindsay

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Savannah said...

Sounds Like Things Are Going Well For Him...Tell Me...How Does Mailing Work...Just Send It To The Address Listed Above? How Much Is Postage For A Regular Letter! Hope All Is Well With Everyone Else! Take Care!

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