Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Thanks, braai, training, funeral, teaching, baptisms, & love

Hello again everyone,

I am so sorry about last week where I sent pictures I had very little time to write things but I am taking lots of time to write today so this should be a longer letter. So first of all I just want to start out by saying thank you to everyone. I love all of you and I am so grateful for your love and support. Thank you for the prayers that you have said in my behalf. I truely feel them and know the lord is blessing me and helping me so I dont let any of you down. So again thank you for all that you do for me.

Ok so what has been going on this week... where should I start. Ok so last week after emailing we went shopping for our food and then we also bought stuff so we could have a braai/ barbeque. It was alot of fun. The other elders played soccer with some kids while me and some other elders watched over the meat to make sure it didnt burn. Well we had fun and all but part of me wishes it could have gone just a little bit longer. But thats ok.

Then on Tuesday and Wednesday I went to the office again for some more training. This time they told me that I would be responsible for everything in the office. We will be rotating jobs around and so that way I will be doing a little bit of everything. So its going to be good and I am going to be super busy. I should be going into the office sometime this week and so who knows maybe next time you hear from me I will be sitting behind a desk all day. Haha funny to think that I am the one to do that but the lord works in mysterious ways and who am I to question when he has a specific assignment for me. I will do it the best of my abilities and it will help me grow as much as going out into the feild and teaching all these great and kind people has.

Then this week we have also met a new father led family that are going to be good investigators I feel like. Last sunday I guess they came to the chapel to ask if they could use it for their marriage. Elder Khumalo told them they would have to call the presidentcy. So on Tuesday we went to their place and we gave them the numbers to call. Then on Thursday we get a call from the lady who was very upset and down because she couldnt get a hold of the presidentcy and some complications for her and her husband (they are just wanting to do the offical ceremony at the chapel but they are already married). So we helped her get a hold of the branch predsidentcy and then they said she had to come talk to them. But when we saw her that day it was amazing. We went and she had lots of questions and concerns because nothing has been going right for her and her husband since they have started planning this wedding. so she told us she tried to kill herself and she was thinking of canceling the wedding and everything. That is when we watched the movie 'Together Forever" with her because she was asking for advice but we are not aloud to as missionaries. So we watched that movie and by the end of it she was coming up with everything she was asking questions about herself. She address all of her concerns and she even learned. She even said that she felt she needed to be a part of the church not just for the wedding but even after and everything. the spirit was so strong we as missionaries never said one word to her. She came up with it all through the spirit. All we did was go in and listen to her and then my companion said we should watch the movie with her and after she did all the talking. We never said a word. Its amazing how the spirit works. They both even came to an activity we held on saturday and she even came to church yesterday. They should be a good couple for sure to teach.

Then with good times there is also sad times. We got a call one night telling us that sister posisie (one of our members in our area) passed away. A few days before we saw her and gave her a blessing and I remember after the blessing she just looked at us and said "Thank you I feel reliesed from all pain and sorrow and suffering" Im sure she really did. But at least we know she went peacefully. I am going to miss her she was a terrific member and lots of people loved her. She was a great example to me and to others. Her presence will definately be missed in the church.
Then on Saturday we held another U-night at the chapel with all the areas. I kept geting told that it was going to be impossible and that it wouldnt work but it was the biggest one that we have had and it was a huge success. It was amazing. We watched a movie about Christ and then played some games it was a good experience.
Then yesterday I had the oppertunity to baptise Phillemon. That makes it 60 people I have seen baptised and 11 I have taught but I barely missed seeing them baptised and so a total of 71 people with 22 of them I got to personally put them in the water. It was a great experience exspecially with the confirmations we had of a few other recent converts in the morning as well. The lord knows what it takes to bring people to the truth. I am just so grateful I can be a part of it. Not to brag or anything because it is all the lords work but it does remind me of my mission scripture Mosiah 23:10-11 "Made me an instrument in bringing so many of you a knowledge of his truth."

I know that the lord loves each and everyone of us if we will just submit and do what he asks. If we want blessings all we have to do is obey.
That is my week and I loved it. My time is up but I love each one of you and I hope all is well. I hope to hear from you all soon. Hope you are doing well. May God bless all of you with whatever you need and want.

Elder Aaron Giles Lindsay

Monday, September 5, 2011

No letter but... PICTURES!!!!

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