Saturday, January 7, 2012

Blessings from the Lord

Hello Everyone,

So another week has come and gone and today I have officially hit my 18 month mark is that crazy or what? So how is everyone doing? I hope everyone is well. There really hasn't been much different going on here around in the mission office. I have been busy this week with setting up a system on the computer for referrals. We have been getting them from all over lately. From Paris and London and the Durban mission and Provo and salt lake and many other places its really cool to see how the church brings us all together and makes it look like the world really isn't that big of a place at all. The system on the computer is just where I can type in the information on someone as it comes in and then it saves it on a computer sheet thing and then also puts it on a chart automatically so that way I can look and see what I have done and what I need to do and when is the last time people have updated me or things like that. It is very great.

This week I also got another companion his name is elder Osmotherly he is from Australia. He has had some problems here in the mission and he is trying to adjust to everything and so president feels like it would be best right now if he works in the office with me and the other staff. Elder Ray is still around until the end of the transfer and then they will be moving him out so it will just be me and elder Osmotherly. We are still without a shower so we have to go to the Senior couple's everyday that way we don't stink and scare everyone away.

We had another interesting car accident up in Botswana the past few weeks. So what happened is some elders decided to try to pass a guy with a seventy foot long trailer while they were in a round about. Well what happens is as they were passing the corner of the trailer hits the back left corner of the car and makes a huge smash and broken back window and everything. Well no one was hurt but the amazing thing is the way the trailer hit it should have run over the car and smashed it to bits but the reason why it didn't is because in that corner of the trailer there was a small tool box and when the trailer started going the tool box caught and stopped if from going any further. If it wasn't for that small tool box the whole car would have been smashed and four of our elders would have been gone. Its amazing how the Lord watches over us and protects us. Thank goodness my parents don't need to worry about me because all of us missionaries had a personal promise and blessing from Russel M. Neilson that we all will return home safely to our families back home when he was here. So no need to worry about me. Well there really isn't that much to say this week because there really hasn't been much going on. Just working in the office trying to help the elders improve their areas and getting them the things they need in order to function. But things are good no reason to complain. Well I probably should get going but I love you all and thank you for all you do for me. I hope to hear how things are going from all of you. And I cant wait to see you all again.

Much Love,
Elder Aaron Giles Lindsay
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