Monday, May 21, 2012


Hello Everyone,

So the time is drawing close to the end now I am going to be in my last transfer soon. I am having mixed feelings of coming home I am not going to lie. I cant believe how fast the time has gone. I am going to miss being on mission so much and I am going to miss all the people that I have seen and met. Mission is truely going to be written on my heart for the rest of my life and I will never forget it.

So now that I am back in my first area things are good and changed at the same time. We have been working on some less actives and been getting some new investigators as well. We had ten investigators at church yesterday along with maybe almost five or so less actives. We are planning on having two baptisms this week and then we have 14 more people on date for June. Lots of possibilities and lots of growth in the area that is for sure.

The weather this side has been turning of cooler. I am going to be leaving in the middle of winter and returning home in the middle of summer. Crazy things are going to happen. There are more strikes happening now this side because whenever it turns off cold people then start fighting for electricity and food and such to keep warm. One of the strikes that has been happening is against the post offices. And it has affected the mission because two of our post offices where they collect and get our mail have been burned down. So if any of you send letters or anything I am not sure if I will ever get them now. So if you want in order to contact me please write to me an email or you can go to and I should get things that way.

I am so sorry for those who I have not replied to who have written me letters. I am making it my personal duty to write back everyone who has written me and getting responses sent off this next week. Although with the mail system going how it is I dont know if you will ever get them but I will try. Thank you all for the love and support you are giving me.

Its been a long time so let me just end with my testamony. I know this church is true. I know there are times when all hope and love and light seem lost. But I know the lord will always be there for each of us. I know there have been times when I have been about to give up that the Lord comes and lifts me up. I know the Lord is mindful of me and of everybody. He knows us each individually and loves us all the same. I know the scriptures are true. I have been reading recently in the old testament about moses and helping the children of israel escape eygpt. I know there are challenges but as long as we hold on I know the lord will strength us to do his will. I am grateful for Thomas S Monson the current prophet today and the example and the words he shares with all of us. I am grateful to all of you and love you all so very much. God be with you till we meet again. or until I write next week. Keep well and the lord near at all times.

Elder Aaron Giles Lindsay

Monday, May 14, 2012

Answers to the Deacons:

1. What do you enjoy the most about your mission?
A: What I enjoy most about my mission is getting to know the people. The people look up to you alot and they treat you like family. They are so easy to get along with. It is true when they say that the lord fits the missionary to the areas. Your heart gets tied around the people and its always hard to leave them.

2. What is the weirdest food you have eaten? 
A: The weirdest food I have ate is either chicken head, chicken feet, cow intestines, or mopane worms, I will let you take your pick which one.

3. How many people do you talk to each day?
A: This question is very very difficult to answer. We teach maybe close to 4 or 5 lessons a day but we talk to many different people when we are finding people to teach or when talking to members or whatever the case maybe. We are always talking to people.

4. What has been the biggest surprise on your mission?
A: The biggest surprise of my mission is now just as I am about to finish I have been sent back to my first area and that is where I will finish. Its a great surprise though and its great to see all the growth and the building up of the kingdom of god in the area.

5. Tell us but your favorite companion.
A: My favorite companion is Elder Ray. He just has a good personality about him. He is always striving to do what is right and to help other people. He has a positive attitude and me and him went through a lot together. He is funny but he takes things serious as well. He is from Arizona so I will definately keep in touch after mission.

6. What do you do for fun on P-Day?
A: Well we lately have been eating lunch with the other missionaries and playing board games. In other areas we would play different sports like soccer or volleyball it all depended on the day. Then in other areas we have been able to go to parks and play with lions and other things like that.

7. What General Authorities have you met?
A: I have met Carl B. Cook from the Seventy (He is the one I have worked with closely and well with alot) then I have met Russel M. Nelson, and Jeffery R. Holland and next month we will be meeting C. Scott Grow from the Seventy. I have met in passing Elder Renland and elder briknell as well.

8. Whats the scariest thing that has happened on your mission?
A: The scariest thing... I honestly dont know how to answer that one I havent had too many scarey experiences. Probably the time when I was in my first area and me and my companion one night got out of the car and we walked up to a house and no one answered so we turned around to walk back to the car and right then a group of guys came running by the car and threw another guy against our car and started beating him and mugging him. He started yelling and the lights came on in the house we were at and people came running out and scaring the people away.

9. What mode of transportation do you use the most?
A: We have a car that we use. Once and awhile we use bikes or walking but mainly it has been car.

10. Do you have McDonalds? If not where do you eat out?
A: Yes there is Mcdonalds but its far away. We eat out at a place called 'Spur' its an american indian style type shop and we get buy one get one free burgers and then we eat lots of Romans Pizza as well. That is the closest pizza there is to back home. Then there is also LOTS of KFCs.

11. What Advice do you have for a Deacon who is preparing for a mission?
A: Advice I have is to immerse yourselves in the scriptures and prayers and doing those things missionaries do way before your missions. Gain your testimony now. Your testimony is what is going to be the source of strength and support for you to go throughout your mission and your mission is what prepares you for the rest of your life. Prepare yourself now so you wont give up a single moment. The times when you tend to relax are the times you dont feel the best. Hard work = Sucess and Happiness. Do all that you can and give yourself as much time as you can to prepare. DONT WASTE TIME!
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