Monday, July 25, 2011


Hello everyone,

How is the week going for you this time? This week has been a busy week for me with many different things happening lately. So the power has still been out off and on during the week and so it has made teaching some what difficult. But teaching still has been steady and going on anyways. We are also getting even more on the good side of the branch presidency. They are talking with us alot more and letting us be aware of things and they are also joking and having fun with us. They have also started giving us special work to do. They have listed some families that have less active members and that are part member families. We have went and been busy with that list. There is one less active lady that I have been working closely with because she is an older lady and she has family that wants her back so much. So the other day we invited her to an activity we were having and she came to me at the end of it and gave me a hug and said thank you. She said she wants to come back so bad she just needs the strength right now and I am helping her to get that strength back.

Now it seems like the only problems I have been having is with my companion still. This week he was yelling at me twice and he refused to work with me as well. I dont know what to do because I am just asking questions and I get yelled at and then when I dont say anything I get yelled at so right now I am at a complete loss. But time will tell. So that is my week nothing too much exciting but things are going alright. Well I will talk to everyone soon hope all is well. Have a good week.

Elder Aaron Giles Lindsay

Monday, July 18, 2011

An up and down week

Hello everyone,

So times are going crazy. Sorry I couldnt write last week you know lots to do and so little time as I am sure all of you know. So things in ways are looking up here in Sebokeng and in some other ways its getting down. So our stats dont look as good as they did when I first came here they slowly and slowly keep going down. I am trying to keep them up but I have lots against me. I know stats dont mean much but the thing is when I see what they were at and what they can be it just bugs me too much. So one of the things that is against me alot is my companion. Well my companion is the type that is very laid back and relaxed and if things dont happen it doesnt bother him none. Instead of doing things that really help the area grow he wants to go finding at night when all gates and doors are locked and there is no way in to talk to people. I have tried to ask him questions and talk to him but I am struggling to get any response. But over time I hope things improve. Even without him I will help this area grow.

So another challenge that has came my way this week is the power or electricity. People in Sebokeng were without power for a day to two days this past week. The thing is it is winter now and so everyone is staying in doors and turning on all the heaters and all the kettles for tea and the tvs and they are using lots and lots of power and so the city turns it off for a time so they can save and well when they turn it off people cant do cooking or washing their clothes or what they need to. Most people just lived off of bread for two days straight and they were without heat so they were cold and in the dark. And as if that isnt enough the gas tankers that deliver to the gasstations to fill up are on strike. So petrol is going to be short very soon and we have been on a limit with the car we can only drive to the area park the car and walk the rest of the day until we can drive back to our flat. So we have been walking alot and its causing even more problems for everyone else. So needless to say its been a crazy week.

But on a happier note. This week we had one baptism. His name is Sipho. He is thirteen and the grandson of one of our older members. He has been coming to church for a very long time and he was excited to be baptised. Also the branch presidentcy is starting to take down notes when we missionaries talk and they ask us questions and they volenteer to come teaching with us as well. So things are looking up and things seem to be getting better. Its just like pulling teeth in other areas but hopefully soon we will be overcoming those challenges as well. Well that is all for me this week but I love you all and hope to hear from you soon.

Elder Aaron Giles Lindsay
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