Monday, July 25, 2011


Hello everyone,

How is the week going for you this time? This week has been a busy week for me with many different things happening lately. So the power has still been out off and on during the week and so it has made teaching some what difficult. But teaching still has been steady and going on anyways. We are also getting even more on the good side of the branch presidency. They are talking with us alot more and letting us be aware of things and they are also joking and having fun with us. They have also started giving us special work to do. They have listed some families that have less active members and that are part member families. We have went and been busy with that list. There is one less active lady that I have been working closely with because she is an older lady and she has family that wants her back so much. So the other day we invited her to an activity we were having and she came to me at the end of it and gave me a hug and said thank you. She said she wants to come back so bad she just needs the strength right now and I am helping her to get that strength back.

Now it seems like the only problems I have been having is with my companion still. This week he was yelling at me twice and he refused to work with me as well. I dont know what to do because I am just asking questions and I get yelled at and then when I dont say anything I get yelled at so right now I am at a complete loss. But time will tell. So that is my week nothing too much exciting but things are going alright. Well I will talk to everyone soon hope all is well. Have a good week.

Elder Aaron Giles Lindsay

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