Monday, May 30, 2011

Meeting new families

Hello everyone,

So I cant believe that another week has come and gone the weeks are just getting faster and faster everyday. So this week has been a better week but still with its usual ups and downs. I have had some chances to run the area and to be able to see what I can do when I lead. So things are going good but they could also have room for improvement like anything else right.

So on Mondays we have been playing soccer alot again and just relaxing. Then on Tuesday it was a crazy day of finding people. We had a person stop us on the street and ask us to come and then we contacted a person in a park. But the one that stands out to me the most is me and my companion were late to meet the other missionaries but then we were walking past a house when my companion stopped walking and just said we should try talking to the people at that house because he just had a feeling he needed to go there. Well we went and now we are teaching the family from it. There is a mother and father and 4 kids. So we are going to be helping them now and helping them learn as well. The mother says she wants change in her life and so we are going to be helping alot I hope. Our stats havent been the best as they have been this week because me and my companion took it easier than normal because of the "cold" Apparently everyone is very cold but it feels like spring to me. Some mornings are pretty cold though but it warms up towards the middle of the day. Yesterday it was a good day. So on thursday me and elder zuma went to Henry and his wife to prepare them to be confirmed and he owns a diamond business and he has been struggling for business. He told me and Zuma that if someone was to offer him a 20 karat diamond on sunday he wouldnt take it because he had to be at church. When he walked in on Sunday I asked him how that 20 karat diamond was and he just laughed and gave me a hug and said it means nothing to me. So we had four of the six confirmed and then the other two will be next week because they were at a family activity. Then last night we had testimony meeting at watts (a senior couple) I bore my testimony and people were telling me it was so strong and it helped them so much and I was just like ok whatever? like normal I dont understand or see the big deal but ok sure. The spirit was so strong I really enjoyed it. So me and my companion are planning on new improvements and things to help this area grow I will write about them next week but for now I am out of time so I got to go. Have a good week everyone. Love you mean it.

Elder Aaron Giles Lindsay

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A tough week

Hello everyone,

So another week has came and gone and things are staying pretty much the same all around. So this week has been one of the tougher weeks because I have had alot on my mind and things just seemed to be going against me at all times and at all places. So this week me and my companion went on splits alot this week and it seems like everyone that I went to was never home or they just canceled. It was a crazy week to try and teach. There was elections here going on this week and so that effected alot of it. People are just to egar to vote and then partying afterwards and then being upset when their party didnt win and so on and so on.

So on friday we had seven people interviewed for baptism and only six of them passed but that is ok. We completed the Diseko family now and they are going to start working towards going to the temple together as a family and then we baptised another couple who were eager and then another little brother of a member and then we baptised a mother of a family (she is the only member now but planning on working with the husband soon).

So yesterday gettng these baptisms ready it was very challenging lots of different complications came up from the water to family members. But in the end all six of them were baptised and were as happy as could be. It was a great experience.
So not much going on this week that I can mention because I would just be complaining mostly all the time. But I can honestly say this though. The lord has strengthened me in so many ways I never thought even possible this week and I am so grateful. I am growing stronger and stronger each day and I plan on staying so.

I love you all and miss you so much I hope all goes well for you all.

-Elder Aaron Giles Lindsay

Monday, May 16, 2011

Elder PULE...gets arrested?

Hello everyone,

So last week I promised you a more interesting letter this week and you will have one.

So last week after we got done emailing we went to the Apartheid Museum. Its a museum here in south africa talking about the racism and the fighting and all the protests and everything going on about it. It was very interesting but sad at the same time seeing everything. I was also kind of disappointed because we kind of had to rush through the museum but thats ok I still learned alot. There was one part in the museum where it talked about 'What was going on in the rest of the world' and it was interesting to see at the exact same time that is when martin luther king was doing his protests in the untied states and there was fighting for black freedom all over the world at that same time.

This week we have had lots and lots of appointments. We had to go on lots of splits (my companion goes with one ward missionary and me with another) to teach everybody. And its going to be that way again. We almost already have a full week planned from last week saturday and so I dont know what we are going to do because we have to see people at least twice a week but there is no way it can happen this week so I just pray the lord will be with us so we can get things done.
So this next week alot is going to be going on. Transfers is this week and Im not going anywhere me and my companion are staying together. Then we are preparing 7 people for baptism. It was suppose to be more but obviously there is always going to be complications when it comes to baptisms. We have a husband and wife couple named Henry and Dineo, then we have a young brother of a member named Shandu, Then we have two mothers Shibei and Sis. Mtetwaa and then we have the diseko mother and youngest daughter. So things are going well. All these people have made sacrifices in their lives and I have seen things changing for them.

So the most interesting thing to happen last week was this: I almost got arrested. Here in these areas they do road blocks and check peoples cars occasionally. Well I was driving me and my companion and a ward missionary when I got pulled over in one of these road blocks. The officer asks me to get out of the car and to open the boot (the trunk). So I do so. Well nothing was in there and so then he asked me for my licence. He saw that it was from Utah and he said I couldnt use that one but then I showed him the letter from the government saying I could. And so after that he asked to see my passport and I told him I had a copy of it but he said that I couldnt use a copy I had to have the real actual passport. I told him about the office copying it and keeping it for me so I dont lose it and he said he would have to arrest me for not having the real one on me. He started calling the other cops over so they could put me in a car when my companion got out of our car. Well my companion came over and just then the cop said it was fine that I could use the copy version. So if it wasnt for my companion getting out of the car to check on things I would have been in trouble. But then my companion said that the officer was asking him for cool drink (soda) afterwards. So my companion is just thinking that he was just doing that to scare me into giving him something. Its crazy I guess that happens alot cops pull you over and they come up with any excuss then they ask you for something or they will have to arrest you or give you a ticket. But anyways I am fine.

So that was my week and a little about the week to come. I hope all is well with everyone and I hope this week was a little more interesting than other. Its going to be a rough but rewarding week I am sure but with the lord on my side all things are possible. I love you all and thank you so much for your support. I hope to hear from you all soon. Keep smiling.

-Elder Aaron Giles Pule Lindsay

PS: A family gave me the tswana name PULE (pu-leah) It means rain. They gave it to me because I always brought the rain with me

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Short but sweet

Hello everyone,

So another week has come and gone and yet nothing much has been happening lately. So I am happy to say that the stats have gone up some what but the thing is its just the same old thing lately. But hopefully this week will spice things up a bit. So far I got to talk to my family and Emily on Sunday and then I got to go to zone confrence yesterday and now today is P-day and so far this week is pretty different but because of the differences the stats will suffer as well but thats ok we will do the best with what we work with. So this week is also the last full week of transfers and so that means I could be leaving in exactly a week from today. Its going to be interesting to see what will happen.

So I know that this is another short letter and I am sorry its just that nothing is happening alot lately and that I am short on time. But next week I should hopefully have more exciting stories to tell. I will let you know as soon as I know.

I love you all so very much.
Elder Aaron Giles Lindsay

Monday, May 2, 2011

Getting back Dobsonville

Hello everyone its me again,

So I just want to start out by saying I am sorry for not sending a letter last week its just that the internet was sooooooo slow I barely was able to read everyone's messages they sent me. It was a pretty uneventful week anyways and this week is really no better. Since transfers our stats have been going down...and down and down some more. I know this is just a time that the devil is trying to get to me. I feel like I am working the hardest I ever have and yet my stats show nothing for it. But that is ok because numbers dont mean everything right?

So the only "Eventful" thing that has happened this week is that I had to go to the doctors. I was having some pains in my stomach and back and then I would get nausea alot. Well when I first went everyone thought it was my appendix but when they took a blood test they found out it was actually a infection in my digestive system. They now have me on antibotics that I have to take every morning and night after eating and trust me they taste AWFUL!!! Then again what medication tastes good right. But I am feeling loads better now and so hopefully I will be able to work more effectively than this past week and I will be able to bring more souls unto christ.

So this week me and my companion have discussing alot of deep things. I wont mention them because I dont want to confuse everyone else. But I have been learning alot which is always a good experience. I also got a big envelope from my family with my sisters wedding announcement and with cards from all the kids at my Dan Peterson class. I miss them all so much I think of them every single day and just hope and pray that they are all doing well. So that is pretty much for me. Me and my companion have set some high goals this week so I am hoping that will bring things back up to a rising and then we can start getting our Dobsonville back to the way it was before.

Again I love you all so very much and miss you as well. I hope I can keep hearing from all of you I want to hear from you as much as possible. And please forgive me in being slow to reply. Thank you for all that you do for me and I look forward to speaking to my family this week. Hope you are all well.

Sala Khahle (Good bye),

Elder Aaron Giles Lindsay
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