Monday, May 16, 2011

Elder PULE...gets arrested?

Hello everyone,

So last week I promised you a more interesting letter this week and you will have one.

So last week after we got done emailing we went to the Apartheid Museum. Its a museum here in south africa talking about the racism and the fighting and all the protests and everything going on about it. It was very interesting but sad at the same time seeing everything. I was also kind of disappointed because we kind of had to rush through the museum but thats ok I still learned alot. There was one part in the museum where it talked about 'What was going on in the rest of the world' and it was interesting to see at the exact same time that is when martin luther king was doing his protests in the untied states and there was fighting for black freedom all over the world at that same time.

This week we have had lots and lots of appointments. We had to go on lots of splits (my companion goes with one ward missionary and me with another) to teach everybody. And its going to be that way again. We almost already have a full week planned from last week saturday and so I dont know what we are going to do because we have to see people at least twice a week but there is no way it can happen this week so I just pray the lord will be with us so we can get things done.
So this next week alot is going to be going on. Transfers is this week and Im not going anywhere me and my companion are staying together. Then we are preparing 7 people for baptism. It was suppose to be more but obviously there is always going to be complications when it comes to baptisms. We have a husband and wife couple named Henry and Dineo, then we have a young brother of a member named Shandu, Then we have two mothers Shibei and Sis. Mtetwaa and then we have the diseko mother and youngest daughter. So things are going well. All these people have made sacrifices in their lives and I have seen things changing for them.

So the most interesting thing to happen last week was this: I almost got arrested. Here in these areas they do road blocks and check peoples cars occasionally. Well I was driving me and my companion and a ward missionary when I got pulled over in one of these road blocks. The officer asks me to get out of the car and to open the boot (the trunk). So I do so. Well nothing was in there and so then he asked me for my licence. He saw that it was from Utah and he said I couldnt use that one but then I showed him the letter from the government saying I could. And so after that he asked to see my passport and I told him I had a copy of it but he said that I couldnt use a copy I had to have the real actual passport. I told him about the office copying it and keeping it for me so I dont lose it and he said he would have to arrest me for not having the real one on me. He started calling the other cops over so they could put me in a car when my companion got out of our car. Well my companion came over and just then the cop said it was fine that I could use the copy version. So if it wasnt for my companion getting out of the car to check on things I would have been in trouble. But then my companion said that the officer was asking him for cool drink (soda) afterwards. So my companion is just thinking that he was just doing that to scare me into giving him something. Its crazy I guess that happens alot cops pull you over and they come up with any excuss then they ask you for something or they will have to arrest you or give you a ticket. But anyways I am fine.

So that was my week and a little about the week to come. I hope all is well with everyone and I hope this week was a little more interesting than other. Its going to be a rough but rewarding week I am sure but with the lord on my side all things are possible. I love you all and thank you so much for your support. I hope to hear from you all soon. Keep smiling.

-Elder Aaron Giles Pule Lindsay

PS: A family gave me the tswana name PULE (pu-leah) It means rain. They gave it to me because I always brought the rain with me

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