Monday, May 30, 2011

Meeting new families

Hello everyone,

So I cant believe that another week has come and gone the weeks are just getting faster and faster everyday. So this week has been a better week but still with its usual ups and downs. I have had some chances to run the area and to be able to see what I can do when I lead. So things are going good but they could also have room for improvement like anything else right.

So on Mondays we have been playing soccer alot again and just relaxing. Then on Tuesday it was a crazy day of finding people. We had a person stop us on the street and ask us to come and then we contacted a person in a park. But the one that stands out to me the most is me and my companion were late to meet the other missionaries but then we were walking past a house when my companion stopped walking and just said we should try talking to the people at that house because he just had a feeling he needed to go there. Well we went and now we are teaching the family from it. There is a mother and father and 4 kids. So we are going to be helping them now and helping them learn as well. The mother says she wants change in her life and so we are going to be helping alot I hope. Our stats havent been the best as they have been this week because me and my companion took it easier than normal because of the "cold" Apparently everyone is very cold but it feels like spring to me. Some mornings are pretty cold though but it warms up towards the middle of the day. Yesterday it was a good day. So on thursday me and elder zuma went to Henry and his wife to prepare them to be confirmed and he owns a diamond business and he has been struggling for business. He told me and Zuma that if someone was to offer him a 20 karat diamond on sunday he wouldnt take it because he had to be at church. When he walked in on Sunday I asked him how that 20 karat diamond was and he just laughed and gave me a hug and said it means nothing to me. So we had four of the six confirmed and then the other two will be next week because they were at a family activity. Then last night we had testimony meeting at watts (a senior couple) I bore my testimony and people were telling me it was so strong and it helped them so much and I was just like ok whatever? like normal I dont understand or see the big deal but ok sure. The spirit was so strong I really enjoyed it. So me and my companion are planning on new improvements and things to help this area grow I will write about them next week but for now I am out of time so I got to go. Have a good week everyone. Love you mean it.

Elder Aaron Giles Lindsay

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