Monday, August 2, 2010

First Letter From Africa!

Hey everyone,
I miss you all. as you can tell from the subject line I am finally in africa. We landed in africa about eight in the morning. I got jet lag big time. I still cant believe that I am here yet haha. so how is everyone and what have you been up to.
So after we landed we went to go through customs. The lady was about to send me back to london because they gave us a paper to fill out and it needed the address where we would be staying. Well I didnt know the address yet and couldnt give it to her. So she kept saying that she was going to send me back but the thing is everyone else got through with no problems. But eventually one of the other elders came over and he just gave me the package address and she accepted that. But then she started acussing me of lying and all that to her. Oh well the main thing is we got through. Then the mission president picked us up and he took us to the south africa MTC. There we had some orientation meetings and we got to know him and his wife. We took lots of pictures with them and they said they would be mailing them to all the familys so look for those. Then that night we stayed at the MTC and then we had orientations and stuff the next day as well. That was also when I got my new companion. His name is Elder Albertson. He is really helpful he gives me tips on how to improve my study and how to teach better. We dont talk that much because we are usually both deep in thought but when we do talk its fun. So yeah I have taught alot this past week. at five o'clock the night I arrived we had teaching appointments. Most of the people that we are teaching are younger people. Like from 18 to 8 or a little younger or so. We have had lots of great experiences. And you know how I was so excited that I wouldnt have to learn a language? Well there are 11 main languages here in south africa and I am mainly surrounded by four languages; Africaans, Zulu, Setswana, and a little english. So yes I am learning a little of the language at little bits at a time. So I will start writing some next time when I feel more comfortable with it. So you know I will be sending a package home in the next few weeks with stuff I can use out here on my mission and the letters people have sent me and such. I will also be sending home a cd hopefully with pictures on it. Sorry the pictures are only of my MTC time and the airports I havent had time for pictures in Africa. Please keep an eye open for that. And no I havent got any mail yet. The thing is we live about an hour from the mission office. So we can only get our mail when ever we are around the mission office which has been never so far. But we have a special training next week so that is probably when I will get everything. The people are so nice here. There was one lady who we went to her house just to ask her some questions about something real quick and she was washing vegitables and she said she would be with us when she was done. We waited for about a half an hour and when she came in she had cooked us chicken and rice with gravy and potato salad and green salad. These people are very loving and caring they have already done so much for me. I will admit I feel so unqualified here at times (most of the time) but there are other times where I feel the spirit so strong that I know that I am doing the right thing. I am trying to keep those experiences in mind but it not easy. Please pray for me back home because I really need help right now. I have never felt like I belong some where and so alone at the same time. I love all of you and I miss you so much. Thanks for everything you have done for me. I better get off the internet now so I can try getting your cd of pictures done.
-Your Son, Brother, Friend,
Elder Aaron Giles Lindsay

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