Monday, August 23, 2010

Baptism complications, new foods, and blessings

Hey everyone,

So another great week has come and gone. It has been good though. So our baptisms that we planned on last week never happened due to some complications but hopefully this week it will work out for them. So this week I printed off pictures for Fikile and and she loved them (of her baptism). And she was confirmed yesterday and it was great. She was so happy and we are happy for her. Also yesterday before she was confirmed they did a blessing for a girl who is like two or three at least and it was the blessing they do to give a new infant their names and that. It was really strange to see haha.
So this week we have been busy. We have had to give up part of our lunch breaks in order to accomidate everyone. But it is all good. Also this week I got to help in my first blessing while I have been here. We were teaching someone and their mother in law is a member and as we were leaving she asked us to bless her. It was a great experience and I love seeing the faith that the people have here.
So I didnt try the chicken feet or cow stomach and intestines this week but I did try a few new things. First is called a Fatcake. Its like a scone with ground beef in the middle. It was so good. AND BIG! I almost couldnt finish the whold thing. And then the next thing is corta. Its bread with the middle cut out then they put meat and cheese and fries and some kind of sauce on it then put the part of the bread they cut out back on top. And I got to finally try TWIST (rub it in to brother hemingway for me) haha.
So some things about africa itself. Right now it is the windy part of the year and khutsong is dusty. So yesterday as we were driving we could hardly see because of all the dust and smoke in the air. They burn their feilds here and so there have been many many fires and so lots of smoke. Its great! Two things I will definately miss here is the sunsets and the stars. I can see so many stars here it is amazing. and then the sun set are so amazing. the sun is normal and then as it starts to set it goes to an orange color and then red. It is so pretty I will try to get pictures to send home and show you. The school teachers here are all on strike because they want more money. So the kids just showed up to school one day to find out that their teachers werent showing up and that they didnt have school for the week. It has been something going on off and on for the past little while apparently.
So that is basically everything that I have for you this week. I miss all of you and want to hear from everyone. Thank you for all you do for me and thanks for your support. I cant believe that it has been almost two months but it has also been so long. Time is so strange on your mission.
Remember to do all you can do and then have the lord there for back up. He is always there weither you reconize it or not. I know that I am suppose to be here at this time and I have seen my life in a different view and its all good. I see so many blessings.

Talk to you next week.

-Elder Aaron Giles Lindsay

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