Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Best Two Years!

Well everyone another week has passed. How is everybody doing? Sorry I didnt write like usual yesterday but we were away from our area because we had a special training. We are getting taught eight new teaching techniques that they are adding to Preach my Gospel. It is intense but way good. So we have like three more trainings on it but we will be going on wednesdays for now on so you should be getting your letter on mondays like normal.
So my mom will be so proud of me because I got my first oppertunity to sew the other day. The hem out of one of my slacks came out on one of the cuffs so I sewed it back up... It looks aweful if you look close enough but it does the trick haha.
On tuesday we went to sister Macheo's. We taught her the family mission plan and watched a dvd with her. Like usual when we go over to her house she fed us. She made us salad and meat and a bread that was really really good. After that we got a call from the Nkombisa family and they said we needed to go talk to them. They didnt say what about but we went over anyways. Aparently they just missed us and so they wanted to visit haha.Then they fed us as well!!! I was so full I didnt eat breakfast the next day haha.
We have had an investigator quit taking our lessons. He wouldnt read the book of mormon or anything and so it doesnt surprise me too much because he is big into his church.
There is a girl we teach named Nothando. She is teaching me Setswana. She is going to teach me one sentence each time we meet haha. Im excited.
This week I also had a little accedent. My big toenail on my left foot was long and part of it was sticking out on the side so I was just going to rip that part off but I was dumb and ended up pulling almost half my nail off. haha. Its sore but Im good besides that.
So this past week Fikile was baptised. YAY first baptism haha. It was so amazing to see her be baptised and the spirit was strong. I havent taught her maybe only once but it was still an amazing experience. This week we are hopefully haing lefa and sylvia that will be baptised too. That would be way great. So keep your fingers crossed still.
So I would just like to end by saying I know this church is true. I know what I am doing is the lords work and he has called me here to south africa. I know what people mean now when they say the best two years of their lives. I have only been here two months (almost) but it has been amazing. I cant think of anywhere else I would rather be right now at this time in my life. I know what I am doing is blessing me and those I teach and my family.
I love you all. I hope I hear from you all sometime or another. It has been an amazing week and another one has just started. I dont know what the lord has instore for me but I know it will be great no matter what.

-Again Love you all
Elder Aaron Giles Lindsay

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