Monday, August 9, 2010

23 more months

Dumela (hello) everyone,
How is everyone doing? I hope all is well and all that. So I have one hour to email everyone so I will try to answer all the questions and everything that you have had. Ok so first I have some questions and coments. First who is the missionary in the blog that Amberly found? What is his name again because my companion thinks that he might know him. Then that is so cool that Aunt Michelle knows Drew. Im pretty sure that is who she was talking about when she said that he works at Dan Peterson as the PE teacher. Money is fine for now anyways. No problems with money right now I might later on but nothing right now. How much do I have in my account anyways that might be good to know. I might not send the package that I said I would because it isnt taking up that much space and it will save me money if I just keep everything with me. Sorry to the Chapmans because there are no soccerballs around my area that I can find. I will keep my eyes open but right now there is nothing. So for pictures It will be easiest if we spap back and forth memory cards. I will send one this week with pictures on it and if you can take the pictures off of it and send it back then I will send the other one with pictures. I will also include a paper saying who is in the pictures and all that so you know what the pictures are of. And please keep the mission president pictures he sent because we didnt get copies ourselves so I would like to see them. So question for brother hemingway. What is the name of the purple drink that he wanted me to find again? And amberly will be so pleased to hear that I have a pet spider. he sleeps in the corner of my closet and he never moves. He goes up and down the corner but never away from the corner. I call him Bobby. I will try to send a picture of him just for you amberly :). and mom will be pleased to hear that we have been listening to lots of christmas music in our flat (home) on our spare time. haha so yes I can listen to the cds and such that I brought but we have just been listening to elder albertson's music but I will listen to mine some time haha.
Ok so for the week. Not much has changed this week the same old same old really. We are teaching lots of recent converts and then a few investigators. We could possibably have a baptism this week so keep your fingers crossed for us. We are waiting on the father of one girl who wants to be baptised. He has said he would sue the church if anything was to happen to his daughter and so we cant baptise her when he isnt totally agreeable with it. The other day when we had to push back her date again she was so frustrated. I feel so bad for her. She wants to be baptised so bad but we cant do anything about it right now. Then we have been meeting with lots of families introducing them to a thing called the family mission plan. It introuces the idea of every member a missionary. we ask the familys to think of people who they can help and then they do activitys to help them come closer to the church and eventually they introduce us to them so we can help them as well.
I have had three meals here in the past week. One was chicken with rice and some kind of gravey. Then the other was steak chunks with gravey and a thing called pop. Pop is a oatmeal type thing that has no taste and is a spongy texture. It was fine plain but much better if you had some gravey or something with it haha. Then just yesterday we ate with a family. They made us chicken with broccoli and pumpkin and rice and gravey. So I havent had anything too wierd yet but I am sure I will. My companion says it is almost definate that someone will feed me cow intestines and stomach and a few times I have seen people cooking chicken feet. Watch out stomach it is coming haha.
We are progressing great. We have nine people on date right now to be baptised this month. Some of them might be pushed back because of various problems and concerns but we will see. We are keeping our fingers crossed that they follow through and all.
I get more and more tired everyday but thats good it just shows that I am working hard right. So we get up at six thirty then we excersize and eat breakfast and prepare for the day and all that. Then at eight we have personal study and at nine companion study. Then we go and teach a few lessons. Then we have lunch for an hour and then we head back out and do lessons until around eight/ eight thirty. We have tracted a few times when people have cancelled but for the most part we have been pretty busy.
So That is all for now. But keep in touch I will try to keep in touch with all of you. I miss you all and I want to hear from everyone. Have any questions you have to write haha.
Just in case you forgot my address is

Elder Aaron Giles Lindsay
Private Bag X4
Ansfrere 1711
South Africa

Talk to you next week! -Elder Aaron Giles Lindsay

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