Monday, September 6, 2010

Busy week

So yet another week has passed,
Is it just me or does it seem someone turns up the speed on the time when someone leaves away from home haha. Each weeks seems to go faster and faster I dont know how I am going to do everything haha.
So anyways after last week's email I came back to carletonville/khutsong. I was sad to leave Potchefstroom because I was having such a good time with elder rand but It was good to get back to my area and all the people who we teach and who we interact with. I missed them so much. they are a great bunch of people. They have asked me if I plan on getting married here and living here after my mission and Im like I dont know I dont plan that far my mom wouldnt like that ;)
So on tuesday as we were driving around our car all of a sudden started shaking and so when we got out we looked and on of the tires was completely flat. It was great haha. We went to the person we were teaching and then went back to change it. A group of members saw us and saw we needed help so they came and practically did all the work of changing our tire for us. They didnt want us to get our nice clean clothes dirty haha.
Then on wednesday we finished up our special training sessions. So now on on wednesdays we will be in our areas unless something else comes up. And I recieved a DEARELDER.COM letter from my sister...very short but sweet haha. and I also recieved a letter from sara. I also got a letter from Kylee which it was great to hear from her. Where are the letters from everyone else? hahaha just kidding all though it would be nice to hear from everyone.
So also on wednesday we found out we would be going on exchanges again and so on thursday elder albertson had me try to drive since I would have to drive around on friday for exchanges. IT WAS A DISASTER haha. Dad knows what I am talking about when I say I cant drive stick shift haha. But it was cool though because on friday when it came down to the time when I needed to drive no matter what I hardly made any mistakes. Yes I made some dont get me wrong but they werent major ones. I know the spirit was with me that way I could do what I needed to do and not worry.
That is one of the many ways that the spirit has helped me this week.
Yesterday was one hectic day. Me and elder albertson doubled up some appointments so we were packed haha. We went to church and then right after church we had to move up an appointment to right after so we could go to Brother and Sister Bukes' house for lunch. We forgot that every fast sunday they feed the missionaries and so we had to squeeze that in too. They like talking to us and so by the time we left there we missed our appointment with a less active lady named Molli. So me and elder albertson went on splits with two ward missionaries. I taught Tebogo and he went and taught Molli.
In two weeks we have many baptisms planned. On the 19 of September we are planning on having Bongani, Tebogo, Sthembeso, and Thato being baptised.
I hope all of them go through so keep your fingers crossed for us and for them. After we taught Tebogo and Molli we were suppose to go eat at Nkombisa family's home. They have been wanting to feed me run away (chicken feet) and Morhordo (spelt wrong Im sure = cow intestines and stomach) for the longest time. And they were planning on it yesterday but then the mom had to go to the hospital to visit someone so they said sometime later this week they would. They are a great family I am going to miss them all so much. They have made me feel welcome and appreciated. I am so grateful for them.
Well that is pretty much all for the week. It has been busy but good and bad at the same time. But I will conqure the bad times with the lord on my side all things are possible. Today we are planning on going to a nature reserve. I hope it goes through and if it does I will get pictures and be sending them.
So I will just end by saying that I know that this church is true and that I am doing what the lord wants me to be doing at this time. I know that I am growing I have seen it myself. The gospel is great and it can help with anything you may need help with. Just ask the Lord he is there waiting for you just to ask him so he can help you. I love this gospel and I wont give it up for anything in the world.
I love you all and I miss you all. Thanks for your love and support. Cant wait till I hear from you and I hope all is well.

-Your Friend, Brother, Son, Etc
Elder Aaron Giles Lindsay

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