Monday, September 13, 2010

Work is Progressing

Hey everyone,
So what a week it has been. We have been so so busy. Its great and tiring. We havent been able to take our lunch hours like we usually have. But that is ok. I really dont get hungry too much while I am out teaching because I am focusing so much on the people and what they need (I know it might be hard to believe that me not get hungry haha).
So last week monday we had a district activity and we went to a game reserve. It was great. We mostly saw giraffes and a few other animals. Still no lions or rhinos or elephants but I am bound and determined to see one some day. We got lost in the game park because the park ranger told us what road to take but I guess we missed it and went on the wrong road haha. Oh well as you can tell because I am writing this letter we made it out safe and sound haha.
This week we have had a few families feed us. I tried a new thing called Acher. It is fruit cooked in cooking oil and then they add spices to it. Its hard in some parts and cant chew. It is something I wouldnt personally recommend but they like it here so hey no problem with that haha. Then yesterday we got feed twice. We got fed chicken and rice with salads. So nothing new there but it was good.
So this week on wednesday we were waiting outside an investigators home and we saw a little kid get attacked by a chicken. It was the craziest thing. We were just standing there when all of a sudden we hear the kid start screaming and we seem her on the ground and the chicken on top of her pecking her and flapping its wings like mad. The chicken got scared off but then as we were teaching the lesson the door was open and the chick came to the door and was looking in and like it was going to attack someone else. The craziest thing.
Then this week we had a very good turn out at sacrament meeting. We had 25 people who are investigating total come to sacrament meeting. Twenty three of those are from khutsong alone. And of course we had to start out our church day in Carletonville and so we didnt get to see all those people in Khutsong. Oh well at least they came right. We now have fourteen people on date to be baptised.
So as you can see the work is progressing and all is going well. I have still had my ups and my downs this week but it will get better and plus I have the lord to back me up.
Sorry this is a shorter letter everyone but I am short on time today. I miss all of you and I want to hear from all of you.
Love you
Elder Aaron Giles Lindsay

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