Monday, March 7, 2011

Visit to the temple

Hello everyone,
So just to start out I would like to say that I am sorry if everyone doesnt get a reply from me this week with their emails its just that I am so busy sending pictures for people and such. Its great to hear from everyone though. This week I got a letter from my sister Heidi with pictures. And I also got a letter and pictures from Emily as well. Thank you both so much.

So this week has been a stressful hard week because trying to balance alot of different things at once but that is ok. The missionary who broke his collar bone is still away from the area so we have been working in two areas sort of. Hopefully he will be able to come back to the area soon. So a few amazing things happened this week though. I was able to attend the temple on friday and it was AMAZING! It gave me the spiritual boost I needed and the temple it self is so beautiful. The surrounding areas of the temple are amazing as well. Pictures will be coming soon. Then the other thing that was great is that this weekend it was stake confrence and Solly (a branch missionary from Khutsong my last area) came to visit me. IT WAS AMAZING AGAIN! I got to ask him lots of questions about the area and I learned alot. There was some good but also some bad. It makes me wish I could go back all the more. But its great to know how everyone is doing though. So other than that it has been a typical week. We are keeping very busy and just cant get enough of the work. Thank you everyone for the love and support you give me and thank you for your prayers. I love you all and I hope all will be well with you this coming week.

Love you all.
Elder Aaron Giles Lindsay

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