Monday, March 28, 2011

Rainin' on the Missionaries

Hello everyone,

How is everybody doing? Thank you so much for the love and support that you all are giving to me. So I got some more letters this week from Trent and Kiaya (or was that one last week...? time goes too fast I am telling you). So its been a more challenging week this time but that is ok that is how the lord makes us stronger to do his work. There is a quote off of the joesph smith movie that I like it says "The lord calls us in our weakness but he qualifies us for his work." It is so true. The lord plays with our challenges but before we even realize it those weaknesses are made strong.

So me and my companion were walking most of this week again. We only have the car on Wednesdays and Fridays. And this week it has been raining ALOT! but that is ok because apparently from what the other missionaries say is that the more that we get rained on as missionaries the more beautiful our wives will be. So with one of the other missionaries I told that to he just stopped walking and said "Well by all means lets just take our time" Haha.

So yesterday we had six of the baptisms that we were hoping for. There was two older ones but the other four were young ones but that is ok because also as joesph smith says "Every soul is precious in the eyes of our lord". We were suppose to have eight but then we had a mother and a daughter of a family who are members but when we were coming up with the program for them on saturday night the family brought up concerns whether or not the mother should be baptised. There are some problems with the mother mentally I guess that they really havent opened up to us totally before now. So for now the mother and daughter are going to wait. But that is ok because we are working closely with the family and them and also President Poulsen. Eventually all will work out and the family will be able to be together all as one instead of all of them going seperate situations.

So also this week we have had people just kind of drop off the possibilities I guess you can say. Because some of them are having family problems and others are having problems that they dont want to bring up and not willing to change anymore. So this week has just been a more difficult week. But it was also a good week dont get me wrong. I will always love this week and every week of my mission because I will always be learning something.

So you know how fast time goes? This transfer (six weeks) is already over. This saturday we are recieving news whether or not we will be staying in the area or if we will be going to another area or what new callings are and all of that. It seems like only yesterday that this transfer started and now its already over. Time only gets faster and faster I dont know what to do.

Well I got to get going but I love all of you and again I thank all of you for your support. I will write more of our progress and all that is happening in the area next week but for now the internet is slow so I dont have much time. Keep the lord close and nothing will stop you.

-Elder Aaron Giles Lindsay

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