Monday, March 14, 2011

Out of Time

Aaron ran out of time this morning and so he wasn't able to write a blog letter. However, our stake asked him to write a letter for a missionary activity they are doing. He asked us to post that letter, so everyone at least has something to read.

Dumalang (Greetings),
So I heard that you are all having the stake MTC. I am so jealous. I remember my experience with the stake mtc and it was AMAZING. I will tell you that before I attended there I had no desires to go on a mission. When I first heard about it I just wanted to go to give me something to do over the weekend. But the thing is I went and I had an open mind to all the things the people were teaching me. And that is what made all the difference. Because I went with an open mind the spirit was able to work within me and was able to tell me the things that I needed to do, which was to prepare myself to go on a mission. Well the sunday after I surprised my family and everyone else when I mentioned in testimony meeting at church that I was planning on going on a mission someday.
Well let me just tell you that I have never regreted the decision that I made in order to come. So here in the great land of South Africa there have been many ups and downs. I wont lie to you and say its all fun and games. But it is an amazing experience and you will never regret the decision to go and serve the lord for two years. I have many trials where the devil has tried to get a hold of me and I will admit I have almost given in a few times but as long as I hold strong and keep to what the lord wants me to do that is when I get all the difference and that is when all the many blessings will come.
So maybe none if not a few of you could be called to the same mission as me. But I have kept in contact with some close friends I made from the MTC and they all say the same things about their missions as well. You may not be like me and have to eat chicken feet and heads and cow intestines and many other exciting things and you might not have to adapt to 12 other languages. But I promise you as you go on your missions it will be the most exciting and rewarding time of your lives.
I am so happy that you all have decided to put the trust in the lord and to prepare yourselves for his work. Keep strong and keep the basics of reading, praying and attending church. If you do those simple basics I promise you that you cant go wrong. You all are in my prayers with my friends and family. I wish you all the best.
Salasentle (Farewell),
Elder Aaron Giles Lindsay
Johannesburg South Africa Mission

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