Monday, January 3, 2011


Hello everyone,
HAPPY NEW YEARS!. So another week and yet another year has gone. It doesnt seem like I have been here that long but yet here is the new year. Its crazy. So a few things have happened this week but for the most part it has been pretty slow because of the holidays. But we were busy helping some of our members pack because they were moving on thursday and we got a call from the assistants. There were some problems with visas in botswana because some missionaries had them expire and the government wouldnt extend them and so they had to rotate missionaries around. My companion Elder Kohu was one of those missionaries that had to be moved. Now I am with Elder Ndlovu.
But get this. The mission president pulled me aside and told me that at the end of the transfers (next week) I will be leaving. So I will be leaving next week and I only have that time to get my companion familiar in this area. I am praying so much right now because I really need the lords help. I know this what I need to do though because the lord is teaching me and wants me to learn from doing. So the past few days we have spent all day going through the area and introducing him to all the members and investigators. ITS BEEN BUSY!!!
So thats an adventure. Then also yesterday I got to whitness the 27th and 28th of my investigators take upon themselves the promises and entered into the waters of baptism. It was a great experience. It never gets that old. You just are so happy for the people that you cant help but love them and excited to see them make those steps to get closer to their heavenly father.
Well my time is up I have to get going. But I love all of you and I thank you for your support.
I hope all is well
Elder Aaron Giles Lindsay

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