Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Leaving the area

Sorry everyone this is a day late. But this week has been so hectic trying to get Elder Ndlovu to know the area before I leave. We have just basically been going around to introduce him to people and get him used to the area. Well yesterday I offically said good bye to everyone here in the Khutsong area. and in about an hour I will be leaving. This is with out a doubt the hardest thing I have done on my mission yet maybe even my life. No offence to my family when I say it is so true when people have told me it is so much harder to leave the areas where you have been teaching than it is to leave home. Yesterday after family home evening at the chapel everyone sang 'God be with you till we meet again' to me and they had me say the closing prayer afterwards I went to stand in the hall to say my good byes and some of the relief society came and cried on my shoulder telling me dont I dare change and that I better be back. I also got mugged by everyone trying to get pictures with them before i left. Then I went to the Nkambisas. They are the first family I have ever met here in Khutsong and they had me say something and then when I went to leave it litterally felt like I was tied to their home and that I couldnt move. By the time I left all of us were in tears and we couldnt stop crying. I made promises to everyone that I dont know how and when but I promised I would make it back to see everyone again. I dont know what I am doing to do with out these people. All of them have impacked my life in some way or form. Im using one of the journals my sister gave me to let everyone write what they want in it to say their good byes. I have read through them and I some how some way have touched the hearts of so many people. But I think they have touched mine more. I will miss them so much words cant explain. I love these people. So that is all I have to write for now but I will have new exciting updates for next week. I ask you to keep me in your prayers to help me have the strength to carry on and keep these amazing people in my heart. I love all of you as well and thank you for your love and support I miss you as well. Hope all is well.

Elder Aaron Giles Lindsay

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