Monday, January 17, 2011

New place

Hello Everyone how is it going? This has been an eventful time this past week trying to get used to a new area and all that. My heart was broken so much when I had to leave khutsong. A piece of me will always be there and I will always remember those times. So now I am staying in like a small town home complex. We stay kind of you can say in the middle of no where. There are lots of homes and such but it takes a while to get to shops and those sorts of things. So my area that I am working is like my last area a township. It is called Dobsonville. Its a great area and it has lots of possibilities.It is a ward and it is big. Not as big as my last area but still pretty good size. So me and my companion get dropped off in our area by the other missionaries that stay in our flat with us then we walk the rest of the time except for tuesdays we ride bikes. The people are so nice in this area they always greet us on the streets and everything. Its only hard to find people who are interested to teach. We have a small teaching pool right now but we are planning on working on that. There is no ward orginization to help the missionaries so we are planning on working with that as well. There were hardly any records kept of people taught in the area book or if there is a record then they have when the first lesson was taught marked down but then the rest of the lessons there is nothing written about them but we check with the people and they have been taught those things. So as you can tell there is lots of work to be done in my new area. But like I said I am with three missionaries in my flat. My companion and two others. My companions name is Elder Mambashoa (Mam-ba-show-a) he is from Zimbabwe then the other two elders are elder chaka and elder ssempala from Durban and Zimbabwe. I have bonded most with elder chaka I would say. Right now me and my companion are struggling with communication but we are working at it. I try asking him about the area and all that and he wont answer my questions and then I try making suggestions and he just ignores me and says no we do it this way but we are working at it no worries.
So some news from this transfer. So apparently we are going to be getting lots more missionaries soon and we are going to be opening up some new areas. OUR MISSION IS GROWING!!! Its very exciting to see the progress that South Africa is making in coming closer to the Gospel. We had a few more missionaries come from Utah this transfer as well...I cant remember their names but yeah they are from Utah. This is going to be a very exciting and testing time in my mission Im sure. Im ready to meet it though I am going to work as hard as I can and I am going to leave this area better than how I found it. I am just praying hard every night because now more than ever I need the lords guidance and I know he will help me. Im sorry to everyone who has written to me in the past month or so and havent got letters back. Please everyone just be paitent with me and I promise they will come I just need time to figure things out and get back into the routine. I thank you all for your love and support I couldnt do this with out you. I hope all is well back home (In the USA or in South Africa where ever you may be reading this) I love you all and pray for everyone daily. You are all in my heart and always will be.

Your Friend, Son, Brother, Etc.,
Elder Aaron Giles Lindsay

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