Monday, January 24, 2011

Activities, Soccer, and Teaching

Hello everyone,

So another week has came and past. I honestly cant believe that it has been a week. Time is going faster and faster I cant believe how fast it is going. So this week has been good. We do alot more activities and things as a district and zone. We play soccer every monday and friday morning and we hold testimony meetings at a seinor couple's house every other sunday (yesterday was my first)

So the working is going slowly but surely. We have about 15 people that we are currently teaching. We could be alot more effective but there are some other challenges that we need to get over first.

The people in my area are so nice. They involve me when they are playing in the streets and everyone asks if we would like something to eat or to drink. Its a great area and it has lots of potential just need to start going on it.
So sorry everyone its a small letter this week its just that I am almost out of time so I got to go. But I am now working on replying to all of your letters and things you have sent me so keep an eye out for those things. I will get to everyone I promise. Keep in touch.

Elder Aaron Giles Lindsay

"That means that you are the baboon...and Im not"
-Lion King

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