Monday, November 29, 2010

Transfer Week

Hello everyone,
So it has only been like half a week this time so there wont be much to talk about this time Im sorry. But I am doing great feeling better and all. I have been keeping myself busy and doing what the lord wants me to be doing. So we got the transfer news and I am staying in the area that I am at. I am so fine with that because there are so many people I so want to help and baptisms coming up and I just cant leave yet. But the thing that is different is that Potchefstroom the area I worked for a week is being closed to the missionaries. So the missionaries are being taken out of there and now it is part of my area. Now we have a big big area and that means more work and being even busier. But I am ready because who can fail when they have the lord on their side.
So the other thing that made this a special week is that lefa and sylvia were confirmed and then we had Hennie, Lydia, Dipuo, Gladys, Thandokazi, Pearl, Deborah and Abraham that were baptised this past week. Thats right EIGHT baptisms. I was in carletonville watching Hennie while my companion was in Khutsong doing the rest. It was so great though. Then this next week they will all be confirmed and we have NINE other possibilities for baptisms. I hope they all go through that would be amazing.
So as you can tell we have been keeping ourselves very busy. Time is going by at such a fast pace now days it doesnt even seem real to me anymore. So Christmas is just right around the corner. I cant wait honestly. I have been invited by a few people to come and visit and stay with them on christmas so we will have to see what happens. So yeah that is the rest of my week. Sorry there isnt more to talk about but hey when you dont have much time then you cant write much haha. So I miss all of you and I thank everyone for their love and support that they have given me. Thank you to Emily, Trent, Liz, Aunt Tammy, Grandma and Grandpa, Shauna and many others who have written to me and supported me. I love all of you and hope all is well.
-Elder Aaron Giles Lindsay

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