Sunday, December 19, 2010

He is alive!

Well hello everyone how are you. I am so sorry I havent writen in awile its just that the dumb internet has been down in the area. But today I am emailing on a sunday because tomorrow we are going to roodeport (an hour away) for the mission christmas party. So since I have wrote to you last we have had 10 more baptisms. I got to do six of them. It is an amazing experience seeing how the area is growing and doing what the lord wants them to. Soon we might have a smaller area because they are thinking about opening another branch in our area.
So the intense story of this week. So the other day when we were driving me and my companion didnt see a cement pad in the middle of the road because the sun was shining in our faces from the sky and reflecting off water and so we ran into it and it put a hole in our radiator and it tore off the front bumper. So now the car is getting fixed we are on bikes. We have to travel from carletonville to khutsong (almost 10 ks away) every day plus some. Its intense but hey we have to do what we need to do in order for the lords work to go forth. So other than these things the week has been pretty normal. I cant wait to call you on saturday. I will be calling around six oçlock at night here so it will be about ten oçlock in the morning there. I cant wait to hear from you. I love you all and miss you so much. Talk to you soon.

-Elder Aaron Giles Lindsay

P.S- Im not going to do a letter to all people this week because I dont have much time so maybe just post this one on my blog.
P.S.S- Quote from the past few weeks
"Elder Rodgers has been working me so hard. We have rode bikes so much that my rear end is beginig to look very beautiful"
-Best Two Years

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