Monday, November 1, 2010

Another week

Hey Everyone,
I cant believe it another week has come and gone. I am telling you it goes to fast. Its already been two weeks since me and Elder Kohu became companions. Wow I cant believe it. So anyways I want to say thank you to those who have sent me letters so thank you to Shelly, Emily and Liz for you letters. If anyone has sent me letters I havent got them yet but as soon as I do I will let everyone know.
So this week has been an awesome week. It kind of started out rough but if you just forget your troubles and go to work then all will work out for the better. So first thing. On Tuesday we stopped at a red light and then it changes to green and our car wont go and guess who is driving...YES ITS ME! haha. So our clutch went totally out in our car. We pushed it off to the side and we called our mechanic. As we were waiting all the members and investigators that passed were all like "See Elder Lindsay I knew you couldnt drive" or "Elder Lindsay what did you do to the car" haha.
But in my defence the mechanic looked at the car and it was old and it was breaking anyways so it was not my fault haha. So now we have the zone leaders car until they can get us a new car (not that, that is nerve racking or anything that I might destroy the leaders car haha). But they said that when they get a car for us it will be an automatic which will make things so much easier.
Then on Wednesday we did exchanges with Elder Rand and Howard. Me and Elder Rand went around and we did baptism interviews while Elders Kohu and Howard taught lessons. So Lefa and Sylvia the married couple that was suppose to be baptised a few months ago is back on date for November 14 now. All is looking good so keep your fingers crossed everyone. Then a girl named Neo and then a guy named Karabo passed their interviews as well.
The next day we went on splits with the branch missionaries because we were so busy again. But we are working on finding more father led families to teaching and older males. Because the Khutsong branch would be a ward but there is little priesthood and lots of youth. So we are working on it and some day IT WILL be a ward.
So to top off this week we ended with the baptism of Karabo. But let me tell you preparing for it was one big pain. First after his interview with Elder Rand we found out he would need a second interview with President Poulsen. We were told President Poulsen wouldnt be able to do it this week at all. So we go to the Branch Presidentcy and we tell them to cancel the plans and all. But then on Friday President Poulsen calls saying he would come or call Karabo on Saturday. So we have to go back to the Branch Presidentcy and tell them to put it back on. So Sunday comes and we pull up to the chapel and one of the councillers in the presidenctcy told us there was no water in the building and so he asked us to go get water from his house for the sacrament. And it dawned on us when we got back that that ment no water for the baptism font as well. We immediately started praying and asking the lord for his help. By the middle of the sacrament meeting I went to go check on the water. All pipes were off still no water. But something told me just to go turn on the font pipes. And when I did I a small stream of water started filling up the font. It was slow but it was getting the job done. No other water pipes were working until like a half an hour to an hour later. I know the lords hand was in this baptism. Then ten minutes before the baptism we found out that there were no clothes to fit me (I was baptising Karabo) or Karabo. So me and Solly a branch missionary rush to Carletonville (10 - 15 minutes away) to borrow jump suits. We got them and rushed back and we had the baptism. When I walked into and and out of the font with Karabo it was the best feeling ever. I felt joy, peace, comfort, fulfillment all in one and then some as well. Its hard to explain the feeling exactly but it was amazing. It made all the struggling worth it.
To top off yesterday a mother we have been struggling with to quit coffee and keep commitments told us she quit coffee and that she is done with it. She is progressing so much. I love all these people I teach and I am going to miss them so much when the time comes for me to leave. I dont know what I will do with out them.
So there is my week. It has been tough but amazing at the same time. I wouldnt trade it for the world though.
I love all of you and I miss you. I hope all is well and I hear from you soon.
-Elder Aaron Giles Lindsay

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