Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wednesday Email

Hello everyone,
Yet again I am writing a late letter I am so sorry. The thing is this
monday me and my companion both woke up and we were so very sick. But
we are doing better now so no worries. So this is the first chance I
have had to write.
So this past week has been a pretty normal typical week. I cant
complain because it has been good. Yes there has been its downs but
the ups practically wipe those away to seem like nothing.
The biggest thing that has happened this week is that on sunday we had
stake confrence. We just watched the brodcast of it at the khutsong
chapel. Dallin H. Oaks and Boyd K. Packer both spoke to us. Its sort
of a bummer because I missed alot of it because I was in and out
counting our investigatiors who showed up and getting water because
the water was turned off again. But from what I saw it was amazing. So
the baptisms that were suppose to happen this past week didnt happen
because stake confrence but they are going to happen this week. So
this week we should have six or seven baptisms I am excited.
Another thing that happened is that we got to attend two funerals. One
was for a lutheran church and one was for our church. It was
interesting to see the differences between the two. I prefer ours for
sure but it wasnt exactly bad for the lutheran church.
So I would just like to end this email by telling probably the most
spiritual experience I had this week. So there is a mother and
daughter that I started teaching way back with elder albertson. The
last week that elder albertson was here the mother said she didnt want
to be baptised and didnt want to leave her church. The daughter was
just kind of like "Yeah whatever" and not really interested it seemed
like. But this past week me and elder kohu went on splits so one of us
was with a branch missionary teaching and the other with another
branch missionary. So I was with Tebogo (yes the same one that was
baptised in september he is doing great) and we were going to teach a
family about the family mission plan. But they werent home and so we
had free time. I just go a feeling that we needed to go see this
mother and daughter.
So we go and we talked with the daughter and she said that she knows
the church is true and that she wants to be baptised. She is on date
for Dec. 19. Then when we were about to leave the mother comes home
just returning from town. We sit and talk with her and I got another
feeling to ask her about her feelings about the church and all. She
told us that she knows its true and that it is the one jesus christ
established here and she has been reading the book of mormon the past
month when we havent been visiting and she knows everything to be
true. But she just isnt ready for change. She said we just need to
give her time. So all in all if I never followed the feelings I got we
would have just completely missed those precious oppertunities the
spirit gave us.
Im not saying that it was all me because it had nothing to do with me.
Its like my missionary scripture says " I am unworthy to glory" I was
just a tool in the spirits hands. The spirit is the one that does all
the work here. But we are the tools that helps him and I am so
grateful that I have to oppertunity to help him with what he needs
done. I know this church is true and I am not going to change that for
anything. I will just end by saying I miss and love you all. Thank you
all for your love and support you have given to me. I couldnt do this
with out you.
Miss you all
Elder Lindsay

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