Monday, November 15, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

Hey everyone how are you doing? I am so sorry for all the waiting I have caused you to do. I hope you can forgive me. So last week on monday we were painting our flat and we had to finish up this week. So last week after we finished painting for the day we went to family home evening and I taught the branch about unity. To begin we all did cope activities it was fun. (Cant take camp out of the boy's heart) So the rest of the time here in africa has been pretty normal except for yesterday. Yesterday we had three baptisms in carletonville. Lefa and Sylvia were baptised finally (the married couple who were suppose to a few months back) and then a young man who just turned eight. And guess who baptised all of them.. me It was intense. I was nervous about one when I baptised Karabo but I had no idea until yesterday that that was nothing compared to three. haha.
Oh and also this past wednesday I was able to attend my first zone confrence. When we got there we talked about working with member and ward orginization and all that. Afterwards as a zone we got together and we watched the 'Joesph Smith Movie' It is a great movie I love it so much. Cant wait till I can see it again haha.
So yeah besides that everything has been pretty normal. Staying busy and doing all I can do to keep up and all. So I know this is a shorter letter than normal but I have to hurry to get things done for the rest of the day today.
I love you all and I thank all of you for your love and support. I hope I can hear from all of you soon.
Elder Lindsay

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