Monday, February 21, 2011

Lovin' the great land of Africa

Hello everyone from the great land of Africa,

So it sounds like alot has been going on at home lately and Im missing out on a bunch of great and exciting things. But that is ok I have got some fun things here on my own side. But first I would like to thank Mona and Laurel because I got letters from both of them this week. and I also replied so they better be watching for them haha. Thank you everyone for your love and support you are giving me. Trust me it helps alot. So If I havent got your letter yet dont panic because sometimes mail is slow around here haha.

Alright lets start with my week. So to start out I found out this past week sister Nkambisa (a member in Khutsong my first area) Had her baby! I was so excited to hear that and so me and Elder rand called her to tell her congratulations. So its a boy. and they said (I dont know if its true or just playing with me) that they gave him Aaron as a middle name to name him after me. IM STAYING IN AFRICA haha. Just kind of cool to think that I might have had that big of an impact on that family's life.

Then this week we also did some exchanges for baptism interviews. All went well. We had 3 more people baptised this week. We had Brother Diseko who his kids are members and the missionaries have been working with him almost a year, then we had Agnes a grandmother to another one of our members and then we had Sipho who is a great guy who has a little daughter. So it was a good turn out for the baptisms this week.

Also transfers end tomorrow. We got the news and I am staying in my area with my companion for another transfer. But the thing is it just seems like this transfer just started its crazy. But that is ok. Its kind of sad though how fast my mission is going. It needs to slow down some. So Elder Ssempala (another missionary who stays in the same flat) is leaving tomorrow. Im going to miss him so much.He has helped me through so many of the hard times and would be a friend to me when it seemed like no one else was there. We will keep in touch though for sure.

So other than these things the week has been a pretty normal week. Yesterday at testimony meeting (for the missionaries in the area) the spirit was so strong. It reminded me of the times when I would go to camp with the others in my ward and we would do stick on the fire. I loved that feeling and it was great to feel it again. I know that I am doing what I am suppose to. There are definately some ways that I can improve the work that I am doing but I am willing to adapt. So all is well this week. There isnt much to say but there are some cool experiences. I love my mission Im glad I came.

I love all of you and hope all is well keep in touch.

-Elder Aaron Giles Lindsay

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