Monday, March 26, 2012

Pushing forward

Hello Everyone,

So not much is changing on this side we are continuing to push forward teaching and trying to help people come unto Christ. It really is an amazing work that the lord has us in at this time. It is the only work that I can think of that you are totally one hundred percent devoted to someone else's cause that you dont have to worry about yourself because the lord is there watching over you and loving you.

We are pushing forward and trying to teach lots of people like we usually do. We see them and we teach their families and we are welcomed into their homes but then the trouble comes when we ask them to come to church. They dont mind to come until they find out we are meeting in a school. It is so hard for the people to come and sit in a classroom because they are either there all week or they just feel like it is not a church. I can understand as well because the schools here are dirty and not well kept.

But things are going well. We are seeing a bunch of great families and we love them as much as they love us. My family might have another problem when I get home but a few other families have told me that I need to move back to south africa after I get home so I can live with them haha.

Well I dont have much time this week but I love you all and thank you for the love and support you give. I hope to hear from all of you soon.

Elder Aaron Giles Lindsay

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