Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Elder

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for all the birthday wishes. Sorry I didn't have time to write back to everyone just please give me some time so that I can get you back :) Well today has been a good day. We started out by moving flats and cleaning. Then around noon the senior couples Lewins and Birds took us to lunch at a place called 'Scrooges' and bought all of us a steak lunch. Then after me and my companion came back and cleaned some more then the Leavitts bought us chinese food for dinner and we watched a movie called '17 Miracles' its about the pioneers. IT IS SO GOOD! One of the best movies I have seen. Then on sunday I will be making a roast dinner for the Leavitts and sister Bailey and two other elders to celebrate my birthday even more. Its going to be great.

Well this week has been full and busy. We went from 5 to 12 people on date and we have found some more amazing families to teach. One night we were getting in our car when a boy named 'Offencee" came walking up to us. We were all like great here he comes to ask for stuff like everyone else. Well he came and asked us when we were going to visit him and his family. We were so surprised and said that we would visit soon. so the next day we went to see him and his family and it is a great father led family. We asked him why he talked to us and he said 'It was like a voice just told me go talk to those guys" Pretty amazing.

Then another time we were teaching a guy named Milton and we walked out after the lesson and his neighbor stopped us to talk and he asked us when we would come to see him and his family. We have only seen him but he is great and prepared as well. Also this week was the first week when we would be talking about the apostasy and then our investigators would cut us off and say 'Oh so that is why there is so many churches!!!' It is an amazing feeling to see and feel the spirit working through you.
I am so grateful to be here in South Africa and now is the time for us to do all that we can. Now is the time for Africa. Well I am short on time today but I love you all and hope all is going well. I know it is great on this side. I hope to hear from you all soon. Love you much and thanks for all you do.

Elder Aaron Giles Lindsay

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