Monday, March 5, 2012

"Now is the time for Africa"

Hello Everyone,

I am sorry I didnt write last week. The past few weeks have been very hard and stressful and I just got in a downer mood last time. Well the main reason why I was so down is because I have been getting so confused and mixed on what my focus should be. They have been having me bounce between back and forth from the office and my new area. It was hard because I would have to put my focus on one thing and then switch it and then switch back and it just got too much for me. So now me and President Omer have talked about it and we both agree it would be better if I just stayed out of the office and be focused just on the area and getting myself back to where I should be.
Well things have been going better from there. The study and time I have spent trying to get back into focus have been true blessings for me. And I am so grateful to Elder Bangerter my companion for having patience and giving me the love and support I need. Without him I would be a total mess.

On Saturday night me and him had a fire. It is tradition in the mission to burn a tie at six months and then a shirt at a year and then a pair of pants at a year and a half and then a full suit at two years. Well to catch up I burned a tie and a shirt but as for the pair of pants I need to buy another pair first before I do that haha. As for the suit I only have one left so I dont think I should burn it at my two year mark.

Well the last thing I can really think to write about is this morning we got up and went to another lion park. It was alot of fun. I got lots of pictures that I will be sending off to my family soon.

Well now that things are getting more leveled out and things are getting better I should be able to write each and every week...but every time I say that something comes up so maybe I should just say I hope I will be able to. Thank you all for the love and support you give me and I hope everything is going well for all of you. Things are great in Africa and as people say "Now is the time for Africa" It definately is. Hope all is well and I will talk to you more next week. Keep well and the spirit of God near by at all times.

Elder Aaron Giles Pule Lindsay

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