Monday, August 8, 2011

Companions, Cottage meetings, & Car wrecks

Hello everyone,

Sorry about last week I guess I was down in the dumps and all blah. So I am doing better this week and things are going to continue improving I hope. The lord has plans for me that much I know. So yeah last week monday after emailing everyone we went shopping with our district leaders. Afterwards we went back to the flat and I was getting the cold treatment beyond all cold treatment. So we got ready to leave and then we left late and so we missed our first appointment. But I am so glad we went to the second appointment. We held a family home evening with a full member family combined with a recent convert and his family who are not members (yet haha). Well for the activity we watched 'Finding Faith in Christ'. It was so amazing and the spirit was so strong. The recent converts family was making comments and participating when they usually dont like to. Well that is also when I recieved inspiration on what I needed to do with my companion. So that night when we got back to the flat I just did what we call the the 'swallow and bury technique' Pretty much I took all the blame upon myself and just let him know a few of my opinions. Well it worked but he still doesnt talk to me too much or anything and so we have just been working together. Sometimes you just got to 'let the dead bury their dead' as Jesus Christ tells us. And I know I am one to hold a grudge alot of the times and so this was a major learning experience for me.

Then we have been busy teaching people until about Wednesday when my companion starts going to the other area and another missionary with me because he was sick so the work was slow. Also me and my companion hasnt really done any planning this week because the two missionaries in the flat across from ours lost their keys and so they have been staying in our flat with us even until now. To get clothes and things they had to climb up the balcony and go in through the patio door. It crazy I am surprised we havent been arrested for burglary or anything. Friday night we went to a dinner together just as a district. We went to a Portegese resturant. It was fun but it also wasnt well planned out and so it was a little crazy but thats ok. So in the area we have been holding what is called U-nites or Cottage meetings. Its where the members gather together and hold like a big familly home evening. Well our area is divided into zones and so we are trying to get one of these u-nites started in each zone. Well we held one in zone seventeen for the first time on saturday night and it was a big sucess. We had fourteen people there total and one of them was less active and another one was an investigator. That is the biggest u-nite we have had since I have been here. Two other zones have been having u-nites and we might start combining zones soon. Well saturday morning we held a fireside at Sharpville. The mission president came and he helped us teach the people and he over saw everything. It was alot of fun I want to try to get one of those going for our area in Sebokeng.

So saturday I also recieved the news that my companion will be leaving on Tuesday. I will be getting a new companion and hopefully I will be able to implement more of the plans I see for this area. Ever since we found out my companion was leaving we have just been driving around and letting him say good bye to people. Well last night (sunday) we stopped behind a car that was turning and about two minutes later we hear this screeching and another car came and slammed into the back of our car. The only thing damaged on our car was the bike rack that holds the bikes on the back but the front of the other guy's car was demolished. (I will hopefully get pictures of this too so you can see) but the bumper was off and smashed into pieces. Glass was all over from the lights breaking and all. Well the guy was drunk and so he didnt see us apparently. But thank goodness no one was hurt and the only thing damaged on our car is the bike rack which is still usable and good. The lord was definately watching over us and that guy last night. We dont even know how the bike rack survied the impact because it was not that strong in the first place but it did. And it save us from injury as well. Well today after emailing we will be going to a zone activity where we will have a meeting and then play some sports. So that has been my week. I love all of you and thank you for the love and support you have given to me. I hope I can hear from you all soon and I promise your letters are coming soon. Love you and talk to you next week.

-Your Brother, Son, Friend and others

Elder Aaron Giles Lindsay

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Trenton K Brown said...

Good thing you are safe. :)

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