Monday, October 11, 2010

Normal Week?

Hello everyone how are you doing?
So this week has been a pretty normal week but it has been good never the less. So we didnt have our baptism that we planned for because her child is very sick so she asked us to move it so she could focus on her child. Which isnt a problem because she is still progressing and doing very well with the church. We confirmed the two that were baptised but missed being confirmed a few weeks back. I got to help by standing in the circle but I didnt give the actual blessing or anything like that. The other two that were baptised and confirmed a few weeks back blessed the sacrament yesterday. That is the neatest experience to see someone be baptised and to see them living the gospel like they should.
Well this week we went on exchanges. I came to Potchefstroom where I was before when I came for the week. It was good to be back in the area and see how it is doing. Its the same old same old. I was with Elder Haward and we went tracting and taught lessons it was good. Thursday we switched back so I went back to Carletonville/ Khutsong. On Friday we had district meeting and the zone leaders came to visit as well. They delivered the mail that we all had received. I got a letter from Aunt Michelle and her family, Shauna Spencer, and Tag (my dog. Who knew he could write... I think my mom taught him because his writing looks alot like hers haha) Thank you to everyone that has wrote to me and supported me. Your letters are very much appreciated. I have probably got more mail since then but I dont know because we only get mail when we go to the mission office or when zone leaders bring it to us.
So everything else has been pretty normal this week. We have been busy teaching and following up with people we really havent done any tracting. We have twenty people on date so far for baptisms and we are hopefully going to put more on later. This week I have noticed I am becoming more open with the people and that I do things like I never thought I would before. I am more open than before. I know my sister Heidi is probably thinking I have always been open but not like this. Its different is some way.
I have seen the hand of the lord in all I do. I am learning so much while I have been here it has been amazing. I cant believe three months have already passed. Time is going too fast. I love everything I am doing. Yes there are times when I struggle and I feel like giving up. But that is normal. I will push through those times and use them for my advantage. I know the lord is watching over me and that he wants me to be here at this time. If he didnt I wouldnt be here. I will make him happy in all that I do and say. "No Unhallowed hand can stop this work from progressing" (Standard of Truth Joesph Smith) I love my work with all my might. And its only going to get better.
I love all of you and miss you. I think and pray for everyone. I hope all is well with you. I hope I get to hear from you soon as well.
Remember Heavenly Father is always there even in dark times. You just need to look for him.
Love you always
Elder Aaron Giles Lindsay

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