Monday, October 25, 2010

New Companion

Hey everyone how is it going?
Well another week has come and gone and it seems to be getting faster and faster each week. So first things first. Monday and Tuesday were kind of a pain Im not going to lie. We didnt get much teaching done because my companion wanted to go around and say his final good byes to everyone. It got me thinking how sad I am going to be when I have to leave this area. It is an absolutely amazing area and I will miss it when I have to go. But that is not for AT LEAST six more weeks so that is way good. So on wednesday we went to transfers. We got there early and so I talked with some of the missionaries I flew over with. It was so great to see them again we talked alot about our areas and companions and Jeffrey R Holland and other things. Then we went to the transfer meeting and the new missionaries got their companions and their areas and then the departing missionaries gave their testimonies. After the meeting we then got our new companions.
My new companion is elder Kohu. He is from New Zealand. He is great. we get along well. Not like best friends but we get along which is just fine. I have already learned so much from him and I hope I keep learning from him.
So the rest of the week has been pretty normal I must say. Teaching alot and getting new investigators. So this week we will only be having one Baptism because something came up with one of the people. So Kerabo is the one being baptised and he asked me yesterday to be the one to baptise him. I AM SO NERVOUS I have never baptised anyone before. But with the lord with me I know I will be fine and I can do anything.
This week our teaching stats were kind of down from previous weeks and so was the church attendace but that is ok because as of today we have 26 people that have a date set to be baptised and the number keeps going up. So as you can tell the work is going well and there is still room for improvement but it is going great.
It has been a good week and I am so glad I have the oppertunity to be here. I have my hard times still but what missionary doesnt right? I love all of you and miss you alot. Thank you to everyone that has written to me and given me support. I pray for everyone and hope all is well. Hope to hear from everyone soon.
-Elder Aaron Giles Lindsay

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