Thursday, July 8, 2010

Made it to the MTC

Well, Aaron has made it into the MTC. It was a hard day for everyone but we are all so proud of Aaron. We have a cousin that works at the MTC and he told my grandma that he saw Aaron there yesterday. Aaron will be on the same floor that my cousin teaches on so they will probably see each other almost everyday. My cousin also said that Aaron's companion is a Tongan. We will hopefully get his first letter on Monday so check back then for the first letter! We have posted his MTC address on the right side of the blog so it is easier to find. When it gets closer to time we will post his South Africa address and also flight details for those who want to track his flights. He will be having a layover in Chicago and one in London. It will take almost three days for him to get there and he will have 22 hours of in air time. Check back Monday and hopefully we will get a letter then!

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