Thursday, July 15, 2010

First Letter!

Sorry I dont have alot of time to talk this week because my email was giving me problems. thanks for all the letters and the package. I miss all of you so much but I know that I am doing what I need to be at this time. Thanks for all your support and love. So few stories. Sorry Heidi nothing embarassing yet haha. But you know how you said no one would like me quoting movies well the other day we had service oppertunity and we all sang disney songs as we worked it was really amazing. and we all quote movies all the times so no worries sara I am covered. There have been many experiences in which I have seen the hand of the lord in my life. I have felt more than I ever have here at the mtc. My prayers are so much meaningful. I am loving it. The other day Elder conners (our district leader) was sick and he looked like he would be in bed all day. But when we went to change for gym he said he felt everyones prayers. He said each time that someone would pray for him then he would feel that much better. Then yesterday I was starting to get sick and I wasnt up to working. then we went to class and our teacher talked about having faith and how with faith we need action or its no good. Well I decided I better get out my paper and start taking notes. Once I started writing my arms started tingling and my stomach started feeling warm. Then all at once all those feelings disappeared with the feelings of being sick and I was like new. I know that the spirit healed me and it was a lesson from our heavenly father. I am so grateful for it and wouldnt change it for anything. We have had many awesome talks. One from Dallin H Oak's daughter and then a quorum of the seventy member. Well my time is basically up so I really need to get going. I love all of you and miss you all. I have got the package and all your notes and letters. Tell everyone thanks for me. (grandma, shauna, sara) and everyone else. Hopefully I get more time next week to tell you more of the amazing experiences I am having. I am so happy and I am well. I love you all hope to hear from you all soon.

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