Monday, July 9, 2012

Comin' Home!

Hello to everyone,

Well everyone that time has come that now I am on my way to being done. Today is my last official day in the mission. I am excited but I am going to miss my mission too much. I know Jeffery R. Holland says he would wrestle anyone who thinks he loves his mission more than he did but I am willing to do that ha ha. I have loved my mission so much and I feel I have grown so much. Mission has been an experience of a life time and more. 
Well to start out I want to thank my whole family, Sara, Liz, Mona, Janet, Catia, Emily, Trent and others (sorry so many) who have kept in touch with me this whole time. The letters and everything sent from everyone I truly appreciate and they kept me going strong and with an added strength of desire. Thank you so much. 

Well the Lord has blessed me much at the end of my mission and I am so grateful for all he has given to me. This last week we ended the week by teaching a total of 24 lessons and many people preparing to baptized and nine new investigators and 11 referrals contacted and many more left to contact. The branch missionaries have been going out tracting and contacting on Fridays and they have given us many new referrals with many people to teach. I am definitely leaving the area in good hands and I am glad about that because the area deserves the growth it is experiencing. 

Then last week I had the wonderful experience to see a wonderful family of mine that I baptized be sealed in the temple. The Dibetsoe family. It was truly one if not the best experiences of my whole life and mission. To see the results from your labors and to be able to see you helped someone is far beyond what I can describe in joy and fulfillment. Now they are sealed for all time and eternity and nothing can tear them apart.

This week the branch held a farewell party for me. We had singing and dancing and talks and testimonies and it was just wonderful. I am so grateful for all that was said and done. I love these people so much it is going to be so hard to say good bye to them all. They have done so much for me and they continue to do so. They have sang 'God be with you till we meet again' so many times I think I have no more tears to cry ha ha. 

One of the most interesting/ weird things that happened this week is my final interview with president Omer. It was weird to sit across from him and actually be talking about going home and what my plans are. He gave me so very uplifting suggestions and I definitely am going to fill them out for sure. I love him so mush with all his wisdom and love he shows to each and everyone of us missionaries. He shows it the same way for each of us and yet differently for each of us according to our own needs as well. I am so eternally grateful for him and all he did for me.

Its actually funny now that I am sitting here in the email shop I am typing this and the song 'time to say good bye' came on the radio. ha ha just a funny thing that happened right now.

So for my last day I am going to focus on getting fully ready for tomorrow. Me and my companion are going to be doing stuff together since the other two have to go to the office and so we will do stuff together. Probably just finishing up packing and getting the remainder of the things done. Hopefully the other two will be back soon so we will then go bowling but then we will see what time it is when they get back.

Well again I just want to thank all of you so much and I send my love. I am sorry I haven't been better at writing. Know though I am so grateful.

Let me leave you with my testimony. I know that this church is true. If it were not true I would not be here now at this time. I know it is true because I have felt the spirit of God in my life and I have no doubt about it. I know he has been there to heal me and to lift me up when I am down and to just give me comfort when I need it. That is the whole purpose and reason why we come into this life so that we can learn to have his spirit with us and we can let it clean and purify us but at the same time make us into what the Lord needs us to be. I am so grateful for the Book of Mormon. It has a power in it that helps each of us fulfill what we need to get done. I am so grateful to have a living prophet on earth today even Thomas S. Monson. I have been reading his autobiography lately and he is truly the prophet of God. I love his spirit and his example he shows to each and everyone of us. I hope and pray I can become more like him as I live my life. I know all these things are true and that if we live by the standards of the church we will be blessed and be molded in the hands of the lord.

Just one more time I love you all and I will see you soon. THANK YOU!!!

Elder Aaron Giles Lindsay

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