Saturday, December 31, 2011

Coming home this year!

Hello Everyone,

Merry Christmas/Happy New Year!, Can you Believe it officially starting in less that five hours (For me) I will be able to say 'This year I go home'. It is a strange thing. Things are going well. I am still in the office and keeping busy as ever. It has just been a challenge a little bit the past few weeks because it seems like everywhere closed down for the holidays. The post office and our mission area office and many other places. Its just funny because christmas really isnt that big around here but people look for anyway to get a day off and so they use it as a week to two weeks off. I guess it is more of their summer vacation then anything else.

So I had a wonderful time talking to my family on Christmas. It is always a great joy and thrill to hear their voices and to give me a boost. I enjoyed talking to each of them and to see how each of them are doing.

Now for this past week. Not much has happened this past week. The only difference really is that me and Elder Ray (my companion) were running the office all by ourselves monday and tuesday. But it was practically dead in here so I dont want to make it sound harder than it really was but still it was different and then also for the rest of the week Oborns have been gone to Botswana. They just got back today. So it really has just been a quiet week around the office with all the shops closed and no one bugging us about bills or anything else. But I am sure its going to be crazy starting this next week.

I also got to talk with President yesterday. So he says that the plan for me and Elder Ray is that Elder Ray will leave this next tranfer and go back out into the field. Then they will bring someone in to be with me for a transfer and then he will move us both out when he is ready (so like one or two more transfers). I also mentioned to him again about my desire to go to Botswana or North East Areas and he said I have earned it being in the office and working so hard so he is going to do everything he can to get me to Botswana and then if it doesnt work out then North East. So it looks like after I am out of the office then I will be way far away from everything. But I dont care it will be a nice change. But I still got months to go for that.

As it has been the new year I have thought of ways how I can improve. There are many different ways that I thought of and already started into practice some of the things. Some of the things is I want to become more officicent with my scripture study. It has been slacking since being in the office has me totally booked. Also to keep up on my journals. Then also I want a more positive attitude and to look at people's intentions before I jump to conclusions and such. I just all around want to be a better person. I guess that is one reason that I came and have stayed on mission is so I can change and become better. I hope I am doing that I will do everything I can not to slip back to where I was when I get back home.

Well there really isnt that much to say this week except I hope everyone has had great holidays and making them ones to remember. I love all of you and hope and pray that you will continue strong and do things to make yourselves and others happy.

Good luck and miss you all with much love
Elder Aaron Giles Lindsay

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